“A Season of Solitude On The Road” Photographs

The photographs shown here were published in book form in 2016 through Edition One Books. “A Season Of Solitude On The Road” is a chronicle of these months of travel, and an exploration of our universal desire to know ourselves through the journeys we take.

1 | Joshua Tree, CA. December.


I moved to California at the age of 24, leaving New York where I had lived all my life. It was the first time I had
entered the unknown in a significant way, and it forever changed the person I was before.


I spent six years in San Francisco before the once new and unfamiliar hills of California became known.
As my life in San Francisco invited more and more sameness each day, I began to feel trapped in the life I had
so intentionally created. One Sunday, on a drive back to the city from the massive, desolate hills of Northern
California, I realized it was time once more for some big change. I began planning for a photography project
that would take me around the United States for the next 9 months, alone.


I set out on August 8th of 2014. Day 1 on the road. As the distance expanded from the place I just left, forward
motion already began to change me. Any significant length of time on the road will pare down your belongings to
just some. It shears away unnecessary thoughts. Outside the crowds, the people and the constant conversation,
there is available space to think; like the silence between the reach of radio stations in the desert. Only the
important questions are left in place, all terrifying and significant.



2 | Self portrait, Joshua Tree, CA. December.



That year I felt so defined by choice. I thought my decisions would frame everything with meaning- which places I would
explore, which people I chose to meet, or the challenges I planned for myself. But the things I thought I’d learn, I didn’t, and my map was not the terrain that I traveled. There were great tides of terror and continual free-falls. The direct stares of fearful things that kicked out my feet. Death, loneliness, solitude and self-worth. Dependence and deep uncertainty. In my struggles on the road my fragility spoke loudly, in an accelerated barrage of scary truths.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this fragility, and how I had seen my sensitivity as something to be fixed, or shored up. Instead, it might be this close attention and easy emotion that lets me see things like the marks small branches make in the desert, swept back and forth by the wind. Drawing arcs that tell the story of passing time.

Before leaving in August, I read only stories from the road. As I followed the paths other writers wore down, I found John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley. On the eve of my leaving I wrote down his words, a sentiment I did not then fully understand. “We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip, a trip takes us.”

In this book are the images from the trip that has taken me.



3 | Christmas. Joshua Tree, CA.

4 | Waiting for Old Faithful. WY, September.


5 | The drive to Eugene. Mt. Shasta. CA, September.


6 | Yellowstone, Day 24 on the road, MT. September.


7 | Gerlach, NV. Last town before Black Rock. August. 8 | Reno, NV. September.


9 | Lightning brewing, outside Fields, OR. September.


10 | Highway exit, en route to Oregon. September.


11 | Rachel, Mammoth Campground, MT. September.


12 | View from inside "Betty," Yellowstone. September.


13 | Roadside Trailhead, before sleep. Gardiner, MT. September.


14 | Highway 140. Day 49. Humboldt County, NV.


15 | Highway 140. Day 49. Humboldt County, NV.


16 | Sarah Kate. Sheldon National Antelope Refuge, NV. September.


17 | Where to find wings. Humboldt County, NV. September.


18 | Distant land sailors. Alvord Desert, OR. September.


19 | Trail register, Steens Mountains Wilderness. Harney County, OR. September.


20 & 21 | Evening in the Alvord Desert, OR. September.


22 | Tent view, Alvord Desert, OR. September.


23 | Sarah Kate, before the storms. Harney County, OR. September.


24 | Fields-Denio Road. Near Alvord Hot Springs, OR. September.


25 | Sunrise, Alvord Desert, OR. September.


26 | October 7, 2014. Plains, OR.


27 & 28 | October 7, 2014. Plains, OR.

29 | Chris & Joan at home. Warwick, NY. November.


30 | 197 bus from Manhattan, NY. October.


31 | Emily, years between visits. Warwick, NY. October.


32 | Warwick, NY. October.


33 | Brooklyn, NY. October.


34 | Jeremy. Brooklyn, NY. December.


35 | Thanksgiving night. Letting lanterns go in the street. Warwick, NY. November.


36 | The day after LA's birthday. Brooklyn, NY. December.


37 | John and Babs, tears. Union Square, NY. September.


38 | Shane's house. Thanksgiving eve, Warwick, NY. November.


39 | Route 94. Warwick, NY. November.


40 | Chelsea and Kate. Last night before heading South. Brooklyn, NY. December.


41 | Joannie saying she loves me. Warwick, NY. December.


42 | Leaving Warwick. December.


43 | Last night in Brooklyn. NY, December.

44 | First overnight in the car. Sunrise, Love's, VA. December.


45 | First overnight in the car. Sunrise, Love's, VA. December.


46 | Hair dye bleed. New Orleans. Marriott, LA. February.


47 | R Bar. The Marigny, New Orleans, LA. February.


48 | Day 206. New Orleans, LA. February.


49 | The Marcell's oyster roast. Charleston, SC. January.


50 | The Marcell's oyster roast. Charleston, SC. January.


51 | Anna, James Island, SC. New Year's Day.


52 | Christmas Tree fires. Charleston, SC. January.


53 | Georgia roadside. December.


54 | Satsuma. New Orleans, LA. February.


55 | Cubs. Street poet, New Orleans, LA. February.


56 | Self portrait, New Orleans, LA. February.


57 | Self portrait, Pinky's. Savannah, GA. January.


58 | Under the Ravenel Bridge, SC. January.


59 | Boiled peanuts, SC. January.


60 | Rec Room. Charleston, SC. December.


61 | Susan at home, New Iberia, LA. February.


62 | Rest stop overnight, Florida panhandle. February.


63 | Leaving Louisiana, February.

64 | Overnight, outside Fort Stockton. Sunrise in the car. TX, March.


65 | Brenda. Austin, TX. March.


66 | Breakfast at Love's truck stop. TX, March.


67 | Coronado National Forest, AZ. March.


68 | Coronado National Forest, AZ. March.