Immediate Aftermath/ Missoula


After my accident in Plains, Montana, I went on to spend a week in Missoula, then flew home to New York.

An amazing guy named Benz, friend-of-a-friend who had never met me before, borrowed a friend’s car, skipped class, and drove an hour to Plains to bring me back to Missoula. Another kind soul to add to the list.

Soon after, my Mom flew out to rent a car and help drive me to chiropractor appointments and have many a delicious brunch. A celebration of life and bacon, if you will.




My time there was spent feeling pretty phenomenal about most things. I spent my time walking around in the beautiful fall weather, feeling grateful and lightened. Everything was beautiful and manageable, and every new friend I made was engaged and inclusive. Really the perfect place to land.

I spent some time with both Benz and Scott, a guy I had planned to couchsurf with before the accident. With Scott, we met for drinks (pretty decent local beers), and I was warmly introduced to the life he leads in Missoula. It’s definitely a place I could see myself living, if only for a short time.

Scott is a puppeteer, photographer, and maker of all kinds, and it was great to get his perspective on leading a creative life in a small city. I think the tendency is to assume that all the productive, creative lives worth living are best had in a bigger city, and I just don’t think I believe this anymore. Take a look at what he and his co-conspirators, Rebecca Schaffer, Josh Wagner and Diego Burgos are making via Viscosity Theater!

I appreciated hearing everyone’s thoughts on creative lives lived outside of urban oppression, but more than that, the beauty of what it’s like to really meet people. Having spent all my time so far in solitude or with old friends, I hadn’t yet stepped into the parts of my project that intersected with new views and new faces, so this was an exciting time.

(I know this photo is hideous, but I hadn’t replaced my camera yet. Low-light iphone, gross.)