A Season of Solitude On The Road


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A Season of Solitude On The Road is a photographic chronicle of my 274 days of solo travel around the United States. The project is both an exploration of my own journey and the universal desire to know ourselves through the journeys we take.

From the introduction:
 “I set out on August 8th of 2014. Day 1 on the road. As the distance expanded from the place I just left, forward motion already began to change me. Any significant length of time on the road will pare down your belongings to just some. It shears away unnecessary thoughts. Outside the crowds, the people and the constant conversation, there is available space to think; like the silence between the reach of radio stations in the desert. Only the important questions are left in place, all terrifying and significant.”


Neenah Paper Crestline softcover, 10.5 x 7.5 inches
180 full color pages


Index of stories: