Rain/Time/Rest in the Pacific Northwest

After my epic backpacking trip in Eastern Oregon, I returned to the solace of Ben and Meg’s apartment in Eugene for a few days. (Dubbed “The Intersection of Compassion and Joy” when you map your photos there on Instagram. So true.) Spent some time editing, uploading, and rehashing the mountain lion experience.

After that, I went on to Portland to spend a few more days with Sarah Kate, this time showered and in no immediate mortal danger. Nice change.

Due to some random scheduling luck, I got a free ticket to see a Blake Mills show at a tiny venue in Portland, which was great. Was gifted an amazing moment by the universe when FIONA APPLE unexpectedly stepped on stage, having stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Sarah Kate unnoticed for the previous 20 minutes.

At the time, I had a pretty intense moment of gratitude and joy. I felt lucky, of course, to be seeing one of my musical idols, but it was about more than the show. My happiness at spending time in a great bar with great music and a dear friend was just a trigger for a more all-encompassing feeling of happiness, and faith in my project.

Earlier in the day I spent a good deal of time editing what I shot over the first weeks of my trip, and came up with 99 photos that I felt were good or significant, and 29 that I felt were great. I’m not exaggerating when I say that’s more that I’ve done in the last 3 years of photographing, over a span of roughly 3 weeks.

To me, that is a really overwhelming, thrilling measure of success. I’m so happy have this validation so early in the project. Feeling positive, and inspired, and ready.

After Portland, I drove to Seattle to stay with Becky.

10 days spent in her amazing and restful treehouse–of-an-apartment, making plans and preparing for Montana, and applying to a few more artist residencies. Being an indefatigable overachiever, I set this goal of creating the book during my rumspringa, which is of course, ridiculous. I’m likely going to finish the trip and have a massive amount of photography to sort through, and I figure landing a residency with housing someplace make the next steps of the project possible.

I spent a day down at the Seattle public library, which was amazing, immersing myself in all the photo books I could find. Trying to get a sense of what’s out there, past and contemporary.

(This photo by Mark Klett.)

I was also able to get the Kickstarter reward archival pigment prints made for those of you who got map prints! Many thanks to an awesome lab in Seattle called The Color Group. Planning on sending these out when I reach Chicago in mid-October.

Got a few ESSENTIALS in the mail for Montana:

I’m all set on places to stay for the next two weeks through couchsurfing.com and friends-of-friends. The weather says highs are in the 40s and lows in the 20s at some of the campgrounds I plan to stay at.

5200′ elevation.

Bring it on.

NOTE: While my blog posts will always be accompanied by snapshots, I have chosen not to edit or share the project photographs until the completion of my rumspringa book. For me, editing a project while still in the shooting stage is simply not the way to remain open to new ways of seeing. You can still see some of what happens here or on my instagram @kimberlysikora.