Route Mapping

A 2015 road atlas of the United States has recently come into my life, accompanied by a set of multi-colored masking tape. Things could really not get more exciting over here.

Here it is, the official route. Taking into account, family, friends, places to photograph, places I’ve always wanted to live, National Parks, places of grandeur and unidentifiable mysticism, common routes of travelers, and the whims of my artistic sensibility.

These are the bare bones of my route, and in my mind I can already see the entire trip’s map drawing taking shape. Also where I will be when.

The National Parks and Monuments where I hope to meet and speak with and record the stories of anyone who will share with me. So excited about this.

The Southwest is a particularly amazing section. I found myself getting really caught up in whether or not things were “on the way” or “out of the way” which, as I came to see, is a ridiculous frame of mind when the journey is about wandering and not efficiency.


My month in Montana.. I only routed my way in. Besides “Be open to things” and “Don’t get eaten by bears” I have no plan for once I’m there.

Also of note.. if you see your city on the route, and you notice I’m planning to stay there for some time, it’s very likely I am planning on warming your couch for a time, and haven’t got around to asking you yet!